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We want to meet our customers’ needs with business oriented and affordable websites. A well-designed website can open new doors for businesses and makes it easier to serve potential customers. Iconic Technologies offer exceptional web design services to accommodate everyone with graphic & website design services, at affordable rates.

Expand Your Business with A Website

We offer professional web design, graphic design services to best meet the needs for your business. Our team of developers provide reliable website design, web hosting and SEO services to your business.

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Web design and What It Can Do for Your Business

Website Customer Impressions

Web Impressions

A professional business website can set a very positive first impression on your customers. Potential customers will learn more about your business, services and products in a much more efficient manner. Many potential customers will judge your business based on your website and the content on your web pages. This is where you want to have a fast, appealing and informative website.

Digital Website Marketing


In this day and age, most people make use of the internet and social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, on their mobile or desktop devices, to promote their businesses to customers. Having a well-designed website, you can drive more traffic from your digital marketing campaigns to the specific products or services on your website. It all works better together.

Website SEO Optimization On Google


Search Engine Optimization or (SEO) is how your website appears for keywords on Search Engines such as Google and Bing. With well written, informative content, optimized images and performance, your business can reach higher rankings when indexed by Google or Bing organically. The higher your website ranks on Search engines, the more customers will come streaming in.

Website Design Facebook Social Integration

Social Media

Social media is a very powerful tool to reach customers and promote your company and brand. If implemented correctly, social media can increase the overall performance of other marketing strategies and also your website SEO ratings. Social media drives traffic to your website through targeted advertising which in turn provides you with an exceptionally higher customer base.

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Graphic Design

Most people will remember a business by its brand or logo. We at, Iconic Technologies, provides graphic design services to give your website and product, service or company a fresh and exciting look to catch the eye of more potential customers. Our designs include and are not limited to business Logo’s, Banners, Flyers, Brochures and much more. Get in touch with us for any Graphic design services you require.

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Domain Hosting

Website hosting is the powerful computers in the background on which the websites and emails are running from. Iconic Technologies provide hosting services on dedicated servers with high-performance. We take care of your website's backups, security and maintenance on the server's side. If our customers already have a hosting provider, we can still provide website design services.

Get a beautiful & functional website

It has never been easier to get an amazing website with all the necessary graphic design services included.

We understand that people are always on the move and working from mobile devices most of the time. Therefore, we design websites that are optimized and works perfectly on mobile devices.


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